Built With Flexibility Anti-Financial Crime Framework
Accountability, Quality and Performance
SIORK possesses optimized solution by practical operation with statistical analysis and AI for social responsibility on financial institutions.
Accountability SIORK solution keeps things simple and easy to use. Utilizing the standardization also minimizes the integration and maintenance effort. Policy Manager function would disclose logic view. Rule authoring UI and it’s easy to test, test and deploy based on workflow.
Quality The advance technology can improve the performance and accuracy for the better user experience. Machine Learning, Fuzzy Matching, NLP to continuously improve alert generation. The solution is 100% developed, tested and owned by U.S. and Japanese engineers.
Performance In-Memory process technology to manage the Big Data process and to accelerate the real time monitoring capabilities.
Watch List Screening (WLS)

SIORK WLS adopts an innovated matching algorithm, ideographical matching scores to improve the accuracy of Latin and Non-Latin list screening scores. The authorities recognize the character issues and often issue the domestic sanctions list in local language writing to eliminate the translation risks between the local language character and the international phonetic spellings.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

SIORK CDD evaluates the quality of the customer information data and suggests the alternative data point for the better CDD risk scoring algorithm. SIORK utilizes a seamless platform to integrate with the traditional bank database and provides the users the most up-to-date customer information. SIORK self identifies the high risk customer behaviors and provides the  Erue Ehigh risk customer from time-to-time.

Transaction Monitoring (TMS)

SIORK TMS detects suspicious transaction based on criminal transaction in the past by using machine learning. SIORK utilizes a data framework customized for major source systems and infrastructures to support financial crime monitoring scenarios which meet regulatory and internal business reporting requirements.

Case Management (CMT)

Consolidated system to support automated research and investigative and processes, workflow management, reporting and integration across systems. SIORK CMT helps to mitigate Financial Crime Risk by providing audit trail and providing management information on monitoring progress on alert investigation.

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Company Information

SIORK provides integrat ed comprehensive Anti-Financial Crime Solution.

SIORK provides integrated comprehensive Anti-Financial Crime Solution started by the people who have years of compliance system implementation experience. The company is specialized in financial crime surveillance system development and business consulting for large financial institutions.

SIORK believes the open source platform to reduce the total implementation and maintenance cost for the institutions.

SIORK Compliance Solution is a Java based platform which can be operated on any platform for different system architectures as well as the user-friendly programming language such as R, SQL, and Natural Language Programming.

This platform is capable to handle the traditional structured data as well as the new generation Big Data in order to provide the most accurate results to the user.

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Proud Finalist of Accenture Fintech innovation lab.

500 successful startups from all over the world were participating in Finthech innovation lab.

Only the best 8 of them were selected in order to move to Hong Kong and attend a 12-week mentoring program, and SIORK was one of the finalists. We're very proud to be a part of this lab.

Honorable mention in APAC CIO Outlook magazine

You can read more about SIORb in APAC CIO Outlook magazine «SIORK was selected as top 10 Compliance Solution Provider 2019»

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