Transaction Monitoring (TMS)

SIORK TMS detects suspicious transaction based on criminal transaction in the past by using machine learning. SIORK utilizes a data framework customized for major source systems and infrastructures to support financial crime monitoring scenarios which meet regulatory and internal business reporting requirements.

SIORK provides end to end transaction monitoring for blockchain transactions
  • Transaction Detail: Direction, Type, Amount, Channel Type, Channel ID, Currency, Base Amount and more
  • Transfer: Direction, Amount, Base Amount and more
  • Trade: Buy, Rate Buy Amount, Sell, Sell Amount and more
  • Customer profile data
  • Settlement detail: Product information, Service Div, Charge Code
SIORK’s standard scenario package covers the following 6 high risk areas
  • Structuring
  • Placement
  • Layering
  • Integration
  • Rapid movement of funds
  • Large amount transaction
Case Management (CMT)

Consolidated system to support automated research and investigative and processes, workflow management, reporting and integration across systems. SIORK CMT helps to mitigate Financial Crime Risk by providing audit trail and providing management information on monitoring progress on alert investigation.

Blockchain-based case management gives regulators and auditors an effective set of

  • Immutable logs and audit trail: stored securely on the blockchain for current assessment and future analysis
  • Highly effective monitoring of suspicious transactions: easy to review alerts with layers of review process by providing workflow
  • Improved resilience and integration: allowing institution’s system to alert another of suspicious transactions to keep pace with complexity transactions.